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October 8, 2007


 Many would agree that choosing a marriage partner can be the most momentous choice of your life. Therefore the fear of a poor choice can be paralyzing. The concept of “Bashert” – that there is one predestined soul mate for you – can make matters worse by reinforcing the fear that you will find the wrong one. I suspect that a better perspective of “Bashert” is the opposite, affirming that any choice can be the right choice, and that your partnership with G-D is such that your choice has divine sanction. This refocuses us on the truly important choices, not who will you marry, rather how will you build a marriage that can navigate the inevitable challenges any relationship will bring.

October 8, 2007


Reminder to self:

If you learn anything in Torah and it does not amaze you, assume you have not understood it.

“Where is the chiddush? What new understanding comes from this?” – That is the question the Talmud teaches us to ask relentlessly.

Assume that the Torah does not seek to teach you something you already know.

Have faith in the Torahs unlimited ability to amaze.