The Secret

It seems that we live in an age where there is no shame. The raw exposure to the full intensity of so many things has desensitized us emotionally and spiritually. Perhaps this is the reason that Kabbalah has become the way to make Torah appear sexy to the masses. The sexual frame is fitting, and is the allegorical context often used in Kabbalah. But just as sexuality can express the intimacy of love and relationship, or be reduced to cheep thrills, so to our mystical tradition. The benchmark of intimacy is privacy and discretion. Exposure reveals lack of value, cheapening that which is intended for exclusivity. Just as a newspaper becomes a tabloid when it enters the bedroom, so to Kabbalah becomes something else when it becomes public. The classical term for this discipline of Torah is “Sod” – Secret. Just as a secret ceases to be a secret once everyone knows it, so to the parts of our tradition intended for whispers among the initiate become something else when made public. This is the stuff of the bedroom, the most intimate dimension of our relationship with G-D, and as such it is in the realm of what “those who know don’t say and those who say don’t know”.

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  1. I apcerpiate you taking to time to contribute That’s very helpful.

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