Narrow Straights

מן המיצר קראתי

Told today by Leah Chesed at daughters naming – mazal tov: “Shayna Meital Bracha is named after my grandmother. When our first daughter was born we used to run up and down the stairs all night, anything to stop her from crying. When mamama came to visit she reached over and gave the baby a little pinch because she was to quiet – just wanted to make sure she was there.” (specific wording mine)
So often we fall asleep in life, allowing ourselves to coast half consciously, with limited awareness. when in this state we are less alive, less than our full selves. last night Aviva Zornberg taught us a midrash that God set us up at the sea because he wanted to hear us call out. In many ways pain is a wake up call, the universes way of saying – anybody home?
I wish life had less pain, but it is not so. If pain must be part of our lives this seems like a useful way to frame it. It certainly can challenge us to live on a level where we at least can say we do not need to be pinched, so please dont.
Mazal Tov.

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