This was sent out by Rabbi Shalom Brodt of Simchat Shlomo, The Carlebachian yeshiva in Nachalot


Ok, now
here comes a really deep Izhbetzer Torah. What’s the difference between
a cute little vegetable and a tree? How come a vegetable is dead when
it’s done? A tree can live for hundreds of years. He says the deepest
Torah. The tree prays to G-d, please make something out of me. You know
what’s praying the most? And this is one of the top ten Izhbetzer
Torahs. It’s good to remember. How come one apple tree tastes so good
and another one not? When the apple seed is praying before G-d the very
last second before it’s completely disintegrated it’s the prayer of the
deepest depths. And if its prayer is not so deep…There you have two

I mean the depths of this Torah is awesome. Gevaldt, it’s
the very last prayer we say before we leave the world… A vegetable
prays a cute little prayer. A vegetable grows and then just stops…
But an apple seed, it prays so much. It’s every second. It can’t stop.
The apple seed’s prayer is a “forever” prayer. So the tree lives
forever because this seed prayed so hard. Shvat is the Rosh HaShona
L’Elanot, the new year– the headquarters– of the trees.

listen to this, it’s so deep. A vegetable when it disappears doesn’t
cry. It says, “I had my day. I’m happy. I had a summer. I had a good
time on the earth, saw the sun, went to the supermarket, ended up on
Shabbos in the chulent… halivei (it should only be).

Do you
know what the tree is crying out? The tree is at is end, each year.
Listen to this. The tree when it reaches the end, mamash, all its
prayers are rising up again. The tree prays all its prayers again.

I want to tell you something very very deep. Imagine I
need coffee. I say, “Please G-d, give me some coffee.” And G-d answers
me, “Ok, I’ll get you some coffee.” But when I pray for something very
deep, my prayer is all that there is. The more I need something from
G-d, the deeper the depths my prayer touches my neshama. And that
prayer touches all the prayers which I ever prayed in this lifetime and
perhaps other lifetimes as well…

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