How to invite everyday miracles into your life, now!

What an incredible change overcomes queen Esther before she goes into the king.
The woman known by the rabbi’s for her humble passivity, refusing any makeup or perfume when she first meets the king, refusing to reveal anything about herself, she is called Hadassah, after the myrtle branch, leaves folded, covering wood, she hides herself. And yet at the end of the story “and it was on the third day Esther wore Malchut”, she dons royalty as if it was nothing but a thing.
This is the conduct of someone with absolute faith in herself which comes from absolute trust in God. She need not assert herself at any point, she draws her self worth from within, needing nothing from the outside. Her reservation is not of the meek and withdrawn. When she chooses to act, there is nothing holding her back, and she shines in all of her glory.
This ability to respond in an instant, to engage reality without a need to control or manipulate, that is the secret of true connectivity. With this the world begins to respond to you on a different level. You have entered into the moment, trusting the process, allowing yourself to work on the world as the world works on you. Do not be surprised when amazing things begin to happen.


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