Free Love?

The Talmudic tradition cites “Sinat Chinam”, “senseless hate”, as the cause of the destruction of the Temple. Every year when this season rolls around I hear people pushing for the corrective movement of Ahavat Chinam, which literally translates believe it or not as “free love”.

“Free Love” comes cheap, and is worth little in my book.  I prefer “Ahavat Emet” – True Love – as the corrective stance. The world will be built on our ability to assign value and connect our Love to things that stand true, and people who stand true. The challenge is to find truth even in those who you would not naturally love, this is a supreme effort, it is anything but free. It is the most valuable thing to be found.


2 Comments to “Free Love?”

  1. And what about ‘Sinat Emet’ – honest hate? Is it the dislike that is problematic, or the random nature of it?

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