All New Me…

I just bought new glasses. Miriam and I calculated that I have worn the last ones for about ten years! Those were just like the ones before them, maybe less of a circle and more of an oval. The ones before that were John Lennon orbs, which went with the long hair my Rosh Yeshiva disdained.
Trying on glasses is a thrilling and scary experience for me. The personal statement goes far beyond clothes, my face is who I am in so many ways. I feel my power of choice heightened, as I transform myself like Mr. Potato Head in the mirror. The temptation to avoid choosing, to simply enjoy the ride and play make believe is strong, but at Home the babysitting clock is ticking.
I know I am looking for change, bold change has been part of my recent story. It comes down to two frames. One is conservative, a departure from over two decades of round frames, Delicate, sophisticated, metal half frame. The other a younger, gutsier, “Harry Potter” but cool frame made of matte copper with wooden arms, round.
I bought them both.


2 Comments to “All New Me…”

  1. A great solution!

  2. we would welcome the new me on Tu BAv and the mishpocha to visit Elah Fortress near Bet Shemesh on the last day of digging, and you guys can dig
    consider yourself framed

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