Re-Turn Again

“Spill your heart like water before the presence of God” – the words of Eicha are heavily flavored for me by Rav Shlomo’s sweet sad niggun. It brings up in me the alienation that comes with mourning and sorrow, and the challenge of an opportunity to rediscover God with renewed yearning and hunger. My summer is always somewhat of a spiritual dry season as Yeshiva is out, the kids are Home, there is a needed and perhaps deserved break that I tend to use as an excuse for some spiritual laxity. I enter into the month of Elul ready for turning towards God (re-turning i.e. Teshuva?), creating an opening, I hope, for God to once again turn towards me. The vehicle and expression of this turning for me is prayer. I rediscover the deep waters of teffilah as
my somewhat dormant soul awakens. The Zohar refers to the days of Elul and Tishrei as definitive days of prayer. In a few days the small streets and alleyways of my neighborhood Nachlaot will resonate with the pre-dawn Selichot of the Sfardim, asking God for forgiveness in joyous song of re-found love. My soul stirs with anticipation of the awesome days which will be upon us shortly when I will once again meet my Father my King.


One Comment to “Re-Turn Again”

  1. Ya learn soetihmng new everyday. It’s true I guess!

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