Torah, Lies, and Photoshop.

DovBear accuses Yeshivat Chaim Berlin of photoshopping the truth to fit their version of reality. This set me thinking about the importance of Truth in the context of teshuva – how honest are we willing to be with ourselves and with God when examining our lives? I feel close to God at this time of year but the honest truth is that I know this is quite pretentious. How easily this knowledge could lead to a cynical take on any attempt at spiritual achievement. Are we stuck between pretension or skepticism?

A fantastic concept that can help maintain a truthful attempt at humility and earnest spirituality is the idea of “having perspective on yourself”. Sadly this is a rare commodity in the Torah world, as seen above. The delicate balance of “taking yourself seriously but not too seriously” is an elusive but precious bit of wisdom. This attitude would serve anyone engaged in a relationship with God well, especially as we approach the Yamim Noaraim.


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