Authentic Judaism?

Rosh Hashana is coming, and with it the usual slew of warnings here in Israel against various creative concoctions masquerading as Pure Honey. I really have no idea how easy it is to tell the difference, is it the kind of thing anyone’s taste buds would reveal or is it more subtle, something for the expert or the lab? I do know that I want the real thing.
When it comes to Judaism I would consider myself an expert, and yet I would be very careful judging anyone’s authenticity. It is in the nature of Judasim that there are many ways, seventy facets of the Torah. At the same time, there is a point where you no longer need to be an expert, the flavor is so foul that you know it cant be real. (see Hirhurim and Parshablogs posts on the “Authentic Judaism” blog).
Rav Shlomo taught us a simple lesson. Why does the whole world drink Coke? Because it is yummy and sweet. His way to connect people to God was to teach Torah that was yummy and sweet. Well, if we know that a day is coming when the whole world will be a reflection of God, then I suppose it is likely that any authentic reflection of God will be yummy and sweet? This is a deep lesson of Honey on Judgement day, that deep down it is yummy and sweet, and that is a taste worth developing.


4 Responses to “Authentic Judaism?”

  1. Shivim panim la’torah = 70 facets to the Torah

  2. That’s not just logic. That’s really sesnebli.


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