About Aaron

Aaron Leibowitz is married to Miriam Leibowitz and they have five great little Leibowitz’s. He is the founder and director of Sulam Yaakov, a leadership training initiative for rabbinical students and Jewish leaders. He is also the founder of ‘HaOhel: Open Tent Judasim’ who’s mission statement reads:  Haohel connects Nachlaot residents, visitors, institutions and businesses to one another and to God by creating a community intent on strengthening existing shuls, yeshivot and community centers, and dedicated to creating new programs, services, and opportunities for social and spiritual networking. Until recently he was the six year Rabbi of Kol Rina, otherwise known as the Miklat shul or the Carlebach shul of Nachalot, Jerusalem, and he now leads an outdoor Kabalat Shabbat called Lasuach Basadeh or Praying In The Field. Aaron has been facilitating learning for over twenty years, in youth groups and camps, the Israeli army, corporate training and development, Yeshiva frameworks and in his community. He is also a group facilitator specializing in experiential training and development.


One Comment to “About Aaron”

  1. Rav Aaron,

    I’ve been trying to track you down. I forgot your email address; you gave it to me the day you left Kol Rina. Can you drop me a line so we can get in touch. We were going to talk about a morning (Chasidut) chavruta. I’d also like to know if your Yeshiva/Beit Midrash is open these days; my yeshiva is on break and I would love a place to learn for a few hours after davening.

    Be well, and congratulations on the new glasses!


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